Eurowave Electro Muscle Stimulation is a very safe and simple procedure in which micro-currents are applied to the muscle fibers of a treated area, stimulating them and making them work.

Electro muscle stimulation is an extensive 18 therapy: 18 minutes of electro muscular stimulation equals 48 hours of non stop gym exercise. As a result of electro muscle stimulation treatments, muscles and skin become tight and fats are eliminated.

Besides firming muscles and burning fat, which results in an incredible loss of inches, electro stimulation also increases metabolism, fluid circulation and oxygenation of a treated area making it a very effective tool for anti-cellulite treatment.

10 sessions last for 6-8 months if you are not exercising but are maintaining your weight (keeping the same eating habits).

We look forward to your visit!

- Sophia, Owner, Hairway Salon Etobicoke

Medical Uses of Eurowave


  • Long term muscle disuse after fracture or prolonged bed rest
  • Progressive strengthening for joint or muscle injury
  • Immobilised limbs
  • Atrophy prevention
  • Bells palsy
  • Stress incontinence
  • Muscle weakness
  • Improving muscle tone after weight or child birth
  • Muscle spasticity following a stroke